Corian worktops supplied in Guernsey

Design Interiors Ltd. import, supply and install DuPont’s Corian kitchen worktops in Guernsey.

Introduced in 1967 Corian has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material. Smooth seamless joints and integrated sinks are its most famous features.

Corian Integrated Sink

Curved panels appearing to flow up from the worktop into a back-splash. Sinks fully integrated into the work surface. These are just some of the unique properties that Corian worktops can have.

With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, Corian will make all of your home design aspirations come true.

Because it is so versatile Corian offers possibilities that are not imaginable with any other kitchen worktop material. It really is a designers dream. The perfect work surface for small and difficult shaped installations. Where simple and pure design is required Corian is superb. The ability to be seamlessly joined on-site can be combined with clever use of curves, up-stands and window sills all made in Corian. When assembled and joined what would otherwise be a jumble of visible joints, tiles and messy grout lines in other materials can be radically simplified. For example this can be useful where there is a window sill behind a sink in an awkward corner.

The seamless joints mean very large worktops and islands are suddenly an option. As a result this also opens up new possibilities for clients where access for maneuvering large granite slabs is impossible.

Corian Bar Guernsey

A signature DuPont innovation. Corian continues to evolve and to inspire. DuPont collaborates with designers, architects, artists, specifiers and fabricators the world over. All striving to reach new creative heights with this extraordinarily versatile material.

Corian Samples Guernsey

We have the full range of Corian samples. Please contact us for more information.

Corian Colours Guernsey

For more on Corian’s wide range of colours. Plus further options, please visit Du Pont’s website here.