Food Waste Disposers by InSinkErator

InSinkErator are the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen food waste disposal units.

insinkerator Guernsey kitchen waste disposal

Guernsey food waste disposal solutions from InSinkErator.

InSinkErator food waste disposers are a must have kitchen appliance. They hygienically and safely dispose of food waste at the touch of a button. From fruit and vegetable peelings through to meat bones. InSinkErator’s premium food waste disposers can grind almost any food waste.

We supply kitchen food waste disposal units in Guernsey.
These enable you to dispose of most food waste at the touch of a button.

They are quiet, safe, hygienic and clean.

Guernsey Kitchen Waste Disposal Solution

Contrary to popular belief food waste disposers don’t use blades or knives.

They are inherently safe because evolution food waste disposers actually grind by using impellers or ‘lugs’. These sit deep beneath the sink surface. Most food types are dealt with in a matter of seconds.

There are three simple steps to using an InSinkErator Evolution disposal. Firstly, turn the cold water tap on. Then press the Air Switch button to activate the disposer. Finally push the food waste into the sink.

Evolution 150 Premium Food Waste Disposal with .75 HP motor.

The Evolution 150 has the following great features.

A built-in air switch. This makes for easy installation and added convenience in use.

A stainless steel grind chamber and stainless steel superior grinding elements.

A stainless steel strainer basket and plug.

A 0.75hp motor to help grind most food types. Along with an auto-reverse action. This extends the product life whilst giving trouble free operation.

The Evolution 150 has a premium black trim shell with Evolution-Quiet technology.

Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal. With .75 HP motor

Introducing the Evolution 250 Premium food waste disposal unit. It has the same features as the Evolution 150 with the following great additions. It features a stainless steel casing. The Evolution 250 also has a power booster circuit with micro-processor. This increases torque when required to tackle the most difficult to grind foods. The Evolution 250 Premium also comes with an eight year parts and labour warranty.

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