ISE – Steaming Hot Taps

Instant Steaming Hot Water Taps from InSinkErator supplied in Guernsey by Design Interiors Ltd.

Steaming Hot Tap Making Coffee

Add an ISE instant hot water tap to your kitchen. Get ready for instant near-boiling water at the pull of a lever.

The modern kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where we all love to gather and spend time with friends and family. Space and time are constantly in demand. So we all need clever ways to simplify cooking and de-clutter the kitchen.

Instant hot water at your fingertips

InSinkErator steaming hot water taps dispense instant near-boiling at the pull of a lever. From making hot drinks in seconds, boiling eggs or making fruit easier to peal. There are countless benefits to be had from installing a steaming hot water tap in your kitchen.

10 uses for a steaming hot water tap

A steaming hot water tap from InSinkErator® means no kettles, no clutter and no fuss. Just steaming hot and cold filtered water (on certain designs) at the pull of a lever. With elegantly sleek lines, InSinkErator® hot water taps add style and convenience to the kitchen.

Each of ISE’s hot water tap models offers something slightly different. Some dispense filtered cold water as well as filtered steaming hot water, whereas other models only offer the steaming hot option.

Let an ISE steaming hot tap do the work for you

An InSinkErator steaming hot water tap is the perfect kitchen appliance. Because they deliver filtered steaming hot water up to 98°C, waiting for a kettle to boil is a thing of the past. Available in a variety of colours and designs. InSinkErator steaming hot water taps add a sense of style and convenience to the kitchen.

The true beauty of InSinkErator steaming hot water taps lies not only in the design but also in their functionality. There’s literally no limit to the number of ways you can use your hot tap to streamline countless everyday kitchen tasks. Whether it’s preparing pasta, warming ice cream scoops or cleaning fruit and veg, you’ll be able to get the task completed much more efficiently with their assistance.

Every InSinkErator steaming hot water tap comes equipped with an unobtrusive filter and tank system that snugly fits under the sink. The filter reduces chlorine, lead, turbidity and other pleasant tastes and odours to ensure that you always have the purest water possible.

Whether you are looking for an all-in-one steaming hot water solution or a dedicated contemporary hot tap to sit neatly alongside your main kitchen tap.

InSinkErator have the choice for you.

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